We are still testing a complete ‘Builder Of Worlds’ App – See images below

In the Meantime – Please contact us, so we can take more of a ‘hands on approach’ with Building Your World in RiftVerse. Early Members will have the experience of working directly with the Games creator (Chris) and other reps from the team, to build:


+ A Planet (Texture / Color)

+ A City (General 3 Color-Scheme)

+ General Building Textures (Feel of the City – Steel, Plastic, Glass, etc.)

+ A Custom Game Character (Based on your Likeness or Likeness of a loved one – Requires Written Consent)

+ A Basic Level Design (Based on Pre-Existing Templates of a Game Level)

+ A Quest for a Specific Item (Custom Quest ‘ITEMZ’ are Limited in Availability and incur added costs, however existing ‘ITEMZ’ can be selected)

[Sample Images of BUILDER OF WORLDS and RiftVerse Game Below]

Start by either selecting a based planet, or choosing from a special custom list of planet types! (We will do this via an online Workshop, using TeamViewer – Please be on time!)
Also custom the types of Obstacles orbiting your planet, from Asteroid fields to Space Stations, to valuable space junk, that attracts Scavengers!
Once completed all settings, You can test out your Custom Planet in the RiftVerse
Custom Select Textures to give your city a unique vibe (DarkMetal Shown)
Use Hyper Jump Tech to Explore every planet. Add fees for your own Planet, to make profit from visitors
Your Planet comes with a Class II Ship – which can carry up to 2 cargo – including a car
Battle, Scavenge or Both Once you have built your planet – go explore the cosmos in your complimentary Class II Ship!
A Major Space Station connects your custom planet with hundreds of others, including Earth.

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